Desert Rose, Lake Turkana, Kenya

Return to the origin of life, Kobi Foora, cradle of mankind. Not more than 200 people reach Koobi Foora every year, this place is the real end of the world, completely off  the beaten track. This is the place we all derive from, where the first human being settled down some 3 million years ago. 


Sample Itinerary

Ecorating: 4

Season: June - april
Airport: Nairobi international airport Jomo Kenyatta (NBO)
Duration: 4 nights or as long as you wish.
Included in the price: full board, sharing in double, safaris, transfers, park fees, domestic flights return Nairobi. 

‘I believe in God, only I spell it Nature’ - Frank Lloyd Wright

The whole philosophy of Desert Rose is GREEN. It uses only the natural sources of energy, from a gravity fed water system to solar water heating and power. It’s made of organic materials, stone and cedar. Not a single tree has been cut for its construction. It’s the only lodge in Kenya where all the design elements, from furniture and fireplaces to baths and toilet paper holders are hand-made.

The closest supermarket is 2 hours’ flight from the lodge. There is no network. Phone calls can only be made on a satellite phone. The remote location and closeness to nature creates a unique atmosphere of spirituality….and attracts not only people but also wild animals, like the friendly leopard which lives nearby and can be heard from a distance in the early morning and at dusk…

The close attention to detail and isolated serenity makes Desert Rose absolutely unique compared to other tourist spots. Desert Rose does not dominate over nature,  it’s an integral part of it.

Find out more about Lake Turkana: 

Travel ethics: In Lake Turkana, water is an extremely scarce resource so use it sparingly. The inhabitants are proud people, always ask before you take a picture. Bring small bills in local currency to buy local crafts in the villages. Shake hands with those you meet - a courtesy code here.

Mobile networks and email: Email and Internet access is provided. The mobile network works well.
Visa: You can either obtain a visa before departure or buy one when you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. A visa costs U.S. $ 50 per person, so a good tip is to bring in cash.

Read more about visas here: Visa to Kenya
Time zone: GMT + 3
Vaccinations:  Learn what vaccinations you need
Packing: Bring good shoes to walk in. Bring a small backpack to have water, binoculars, camera in. Soft bags are easier to pack in the cars when you are traveling, if you fly the maximum weight 15 kilos pp. Mosquito nets are provided but please bring mosquito spray.
Local Currency: Kenyan Shilling
Water: Clean water available at camp.
Safety: Your safety is our priority. In Nairobi, do not wander around alone and avoid certain locations Downtown and avoid crowds.
For more information on travel advice: Travel tips Kenya

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