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Excitement rides high in discovering an intensely wild adventure every day. Rise before dawn to set off through the early morning mist in search of game, or watch the sun set over a dusty horizon as the nocturnal world emerges. At Liond Sands, one is a strong believer that guiding comes from the heart. When choosing guides, they look for a genuine and tangible passion for the wilderness, and the ability to share it with people from around the world. 

Sample Itinerary

Ecorating: 3

Airport: Johannesburg international(JNB) or Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.

Duration: As many as you wish, we recommend 3 -4 nights. 

The price includes:Luxury accommodation, all meals, teas/coffees,
selected local beverages for FITs* (including soft drinks,
local brand beers, spirits and house wines), two game drives
daily, game drive refreshments and snacks, specified safari
activities. Laundry and mini bar (selected items) included at
Ivory Lodge.

The price excludes: Rates exclude: Laundry, premium brand or imported beers,
spirits, cellar wines and champagnes, mini bar, cigars and
cigarettes, Skukuza airport transfers, gratuities, telephone,
curio shop purchases, spa treatments, game reserve landing
fees (airport departure tax), game reserve entrance/
conservation fee, and activities not included (golf, helicopter
flights, treehouses, private safaris, cultural village experience,
elephant interaction experience).

Combine with: Our other hotels or extra nights.


Located in the Mpumalanga Province, adjacent to the Kruger National Park; the greater Bushbuckridge area has been identified as one of twenty-three rural and urban nodes by the South African government. These nodes represent the largest concentrations of poverty in the country.

70% of the community is not economically active. This is due, in part, to the fact that they do not have employable skills, have not had access to skills training and do not have the resources available to obtain these skills. 36% of households depend on remittances from migrant labor as their only source of income. An estimated 60% of men aged between 16 and 65 work as migrant laborers outside the district. 3.9% of households report no source of income at all – the highest proportion of all of the nodal areas.

Coupled with that, approximately 25% of the communities are HIV positive. It is clear then that those who are not infected are affected by the pandemic.



The Bhubezi Community Projects is a registered independent trust and is sanctioned by the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organization in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act, P.B.O. Ref. No. 18/11/13/765.

It is through this trust that funds and donations are administered for the numerous projects undertaken for HENNA, New Beginnings Daycare and Huntington Homebased Care.



The Organizations’ main objectives are:

To serve the community by introducing the job creation projects for previously disadvantaged people i.e. women, youth, disabled and the unemployed
To be a reliable care centre for children, orphans, and vulnerable children
To educate children on Early Childhood Development, life skills, social skills, art and culture
The organizations’ mission statements are:

To operate an effective and sustainable organization that represents the children, orphans of Huntington community and brings community development within and around Bushbuckridge Municipality.
To strive for visible community support for children, orphans and women, and to ensure that progress reflects community needs and priorities.

HENNA Pre-School:

Henna Pre-school first started in 1991 and was named after one of the “Indunas” or Chiefs in Huntington, a village within the greater Bushbuckridge area.

The Pre-school was born after a donation from the Roman Catholic Church, and approximately 20 children attended the school in the early years. The school initially used mud-walled buildings for infrastructure, but since then better facilities have been built.

We are proud that since our involvement in this project, the number of children attending the school has increased dramatically.


PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN AT HENNA OVER THE YEARS: The Bhubezi Community Trust, together with Lion Sands’ friends & sponsors across the globe, spent in excess R785 000.00 on the following projects:

Renovation of the original two classrooms
Broken windows were fixed, new floors were laid and interiors & exteriors of the building were painted. Tables and benches were also supplied for both classrooms.

Built three new classrooms
With the help of our guests and sponsors, we managed to build two new class rooms since 2005. These classrooms were mainly for the 4 year old kids preparing for primary school. In 2009, we were blessed with a sponsorship from the Bertarelli Foundation in Switzerland, for a brand new classroom for the youngest group of children.

Supply the school with a daily food supplement
POWERMEALE is a pre-cooked sorghum-based food that provides a complete meal which is high in vitamins and minerals to help the body fight disease by boosting the immune system. We also supply a variety of foods like chicken, bread, sugar beans, spaghetti, jungle oats, vegetables, fruit, etc to the school on a monthly basis.

Added a new Jungle Gym to the outside playing area
Attention was moved to the outside playing area in 2007 and with the help from one of our sponsors, a new jungle gym was put up. This helps with the development of the children’s motor skills.

New fence and gate
Safety is of utmost importance and to secure the school was one of the priorities of 2007. A new fence and gate went up and the school is now safe and secure. We are even able to plant the vegetables in the garden without any livestock coming in to destroy them.

Renovation of the Kitchen
This project was completed in April 2008, and thanks to this very generous sponsor the school can now supply the children with 2 healthy meals a day.

Supply the school with Running Water 
This was probably the biggest challenge for the school, not just from a financial point of view but also due to the risk of not finding water on the school grounds.   Again with the help of a sponsor, we managed to drill for water at the end of December 2007 and were blessed to find a borehole that was strong enough just behind the school. The rest of the system was installed in January 2008 after the schools reopened.

Going green
The Solar geyser for hot water supply was a necessity considering the amount of time spent on preparing open fires for boiling water in big pots, and the money spent on buying the wood. In underdeveloped areas where the sterilization of water and equipments is not up to date, hot water is essential. “The Bachelor” made this dream come true.

First Aid Training
As a first step towards the Medical Facility project donated by The Bertarelli Foundation, the Henna preschool team, New Beginnings Care takers and the Local Primary School teachers attended their First Aid Training coordinated by The South African Red Cross Association. All the learners will, in turn, train school children on steps to take during an accident before the trained First Aider arrives.

The shading structure
Unfortunately we lost the famous Jacaranda tree that provided shading to the Henna kids and visitors. We were fortunate to get a donation to put up a structure that now provides us with shade. The kids are now able to play in the outside area without any fear of sun burn. Landscaping and planting of trees will remain an ongoing project because it is necessary to plant fast growing trees that will provide shade for many years to come.

Supply of outdoor toys
Because of the limited concentration span of kids, we are trying very hard to get them stimulated by ensuring that we have enough outdoor toys. This is a continuous effort as outdoor toys get worn out easily. CONTACT THEMBI TO GET INVOLVED.



The scourge of rhino poaching in South Africa has reached unprecedented levels. Before his death, Nick More personally spearheaded the Lion Sands Game Reserve ‘Save The Rhino Foundation’, and managed to raise hundreds of thousands of rands towards the cause. It is heartening to see how many of our visitors are as appalled as we are, and want to get involved. We pledge to continue to do what we can to bring an end to this senseless and brutal practise.

PACK FOR A PURPOSE It was some three years ago that we were approached by a representative from Pack for a Purpose who had seen Lion Sands Game Reserve on an episode of ‘The Bachelor’. Pack for a Purpose has facilitated a direct bridge between our small piece of Africa, and the rest of the world. Since the inception of the Pack for a Purpose and MORE partnership, the following initiatives have directly benefited.

Thanks to Pack for a Purpose, hundreds of our guests from around the world have arrived on safari, and in the Mother City with more than just dreams. Their suitcases have been packed to the brim with basic yet necessary supplies as listed on the Pack for a Purpose site, which have had an exponential impact on the lives of the very young recipients at the receiving end. For us at MORE, Pack for a Purpose provides an easily achievable way of making a valuable and long lasting contribution to people in dire need. With the rise in global responsible tourism, we are thrilled at being able to afford our clients with the option of making a difference through this very worthwhile initiative. Click here to read more about how you can get involved


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Time Zone: GMT + 2

Vaccinations: Read more about which vaccinations you need.

Packing: Sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes.

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