Family adventure South Africa

South Africa is in many denominations grand and astonishing beautiful but also a very interesting destination with a long history. With its extremely varied landscape, people and culture, the country is a unique experience for everyone. Although the main attraction is the safari and wildlife, one should not forget that there are so many other things such as great beaches, adventurous activities, art, culture and architecture matched with delectable food and outstanding wines. This trip is an adventure for the whole family!

Sample Itinerary

Ecorating: 3

Airport: Cape Town International.

Lenght: 9 nights

Included in the price: International flight, rental car, domstic flight - one way, share in doiuble/suite. B&B and some days half board and full board and activitites according to program. Email us for itinerary;

Not included: Insurance, tips, wine and drinks or activities outside program. 

Combine with: Additional nights.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve:

Grootbos Foundation, which is a registered Section 21 Company (non-profit), was formed in 2005 to carry out non-profit activities of Grootbos Nature Reserve, a unique destination world famous for its ecotourism near Cape Town, South Africa. 

Grootbos Nature Reserve is located on the Agulhas Plain in the heart of the Cape fynbos lowlands, a region with unmatched biodiversity, an area under a large negative impact from humans. At Grootbos one mean that ways must be found to deliver better economic returns from this natural fynbos and marine landscapes rather than from cultured and developed landscapes. Natural resources must also be made more accessible to the poor so that all people can be educated about their unique heritage and its value. 

Some of Grootbos projects: 

Green Future: Helps unemployed locals to become trained gardeners. The reason they decided to invest in this project was to train more people to take care of endangered species in the fynbos environment where there was a shortage of skilled people in this particular area. Green future trains students at Grootbos which has a teacher and an education center. Gardeners not only helps to preserve nature, they also sell plants to customers, which in turn are planting these endangered species in their gardens. The money goes directly back to the Green Future to re-invest this in educating more people and give them jobs. 

Growing the Future: After the sucess with the "Green Future", Grootbos started to "Growing the Future", a project that is all about food. Since many people in South Africa have moved from the countryside and into the cities in hopes of finding work,  the knowledge of farming quickly disappears. This project aims to teach people how to cultivate and grow products in a small area which can then provide a return and products they can sell. Eight women per year are trained in learning how to grow vegetables and fruit as well as keeping  bee hives. It also teaches women how to commercialize and monetize on this, for example;  strawberries can be eaten but if you make jam that you can sell, you can make money from it and create a business. 

Spaces for Sports: Creating opportunities for young people - especially those who are deprived of opportunities to participate in sports. Spaces for Sports provides access to professional coaching, and learn about the environment, the vision is to improve social inclusion and development of the community. Sport is a wonderfully and simple way to break down social barriers and bring people together on equal terms. For the youths, it also provides a healthy focus and inspires pride and determination to succeed. 

The project is also supported by the Football Association of South Africa. Tiger Turf UK operator with a FIFA standard artificial grass pitch, which is the first of its kind in South Africa. It is thanks to organizations like these that we can enter into such community sports programs to build a positive future for South Africa. 

Shamwari Private Game Reserve:

Shamwari lodges have recently become part of the Green leaves examined by the Wilderness Foundation, South Africa. Criteria for accreditation include aspects such as water, waste, electricity saving measures, recycling, and education / training. 

Shamwari has in this regard along with the Metropolitan University, concluded two research projects on renewable energy, specifically for lodges with a particular focus on solar energy. 

Conservation has always been a priority for Shamwari Game Reserve. In many respects, Shamwari has been a pioneer in the Eastern Cape eco-tourism and given a resurgence to ensure responsible wildlife management and created Shamwari Wildlife Department  in1996. Today, this department has developed into a comprehensive and recognized entity that handles the unique ecosystems of Shamwari, rich in biological diversity. 

The Wildlife Department consists of two veterinarians, two ecologists, an environmentalist and a host of qualified conservationists. The main focus is to ensure a sustainable environment for all the animals and plants in the long term as well as the ecological integrity of biodiversity and to maintain quality. The great efforts can been seen in the number of international awards that has been received by the Shamwari Wildlife Department. 

Shamwari conducts numerous projects and one of them is a "Born free Animal Foundation  Animal Rescue and Education Center" and the Born Free Foundation in the United Kingdom, with the aim of providing long term care for rescued African cats that have been subjected to terrible conditions, internationally as well as being an educational resource for visitors, school children and students. 

There are currently two Born Free Centre at Shamwari Game Reserve, Julie Ward Centre in south and Jean Byrd Centre in the north of South Africa. Environmental education is an important aspect of these centers and the emphasis is on the children in the previously disadvantaged communities will be trained with the result that over 700 children have been trained per month. 

Cape Royal:

The Heideveldom is an area of ​​high poverty and crime, and forms part of the Cape Flats. Cape Royale wants to light a candle in this society, and considers it a privilege to be able to reach out to people regardless of race, age, religion, culture or sexual orientation, "according to Boris Bornman. 

In addition to training for the employees at the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa, employees regularly visit the house that has become a haven for many children in the area who are suffering from terrible neglect. 

Along with Zoë Trust, Bornman project  aims to educate the children by showing them that there is a better life out there are other options besides drugs, gangsterism and prostitution through interaction and time. 

A Bornman BELIEF 

Time is your most precious gift you can give, because you only have a certain amount of it. You can earn more money, but you can not make more time. When you give someone your time, you give them a part of your life that you will never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

Good to know about South Africa:

Travel ethics: No special

Visa: Your passport must be valid for 6 months after arriving back home and include 2 blank pages for stamps. 

Time zone: GMT + 2

Vaccinations:

Packing: Sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen, good shoes. 

Currency: South African Rand.

Weather: Cape Town

Mobile network and email: Email and access to internet is good.

Water: Buy bottled water, please make sure the bottles get trashed in a recycling bin. 

Safety: Your safety is our priority, read more below.

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