Cruising the mesmerising Galapagos Islands

Imagine a wildlife extravaganza, a place on earth where mother nature has put on a show unlike anywhere else! Here you are met by a spectacular wild life both under and above the surface, every corner is teaming with life. The combination of fish, mammals and reptiles separates the Galapagos from other marine reserves.  Here you share the water with penguins, sea lions, ocean iguanas, turtles, sperm whales, humpback whales and hammer heads. You also get the opportunity to trek the islands, meet the locals and learn about life in Galapagos. 

Enjoy fabulous days and starlit skies at sea in this amazing part of the world!

Sample Itinerary

Eco rating: 3.5
Season: All year round
Airport: Guayaquil international airport (GYE)
Duration: 8 nätter
Included in price: Domestic flights, park fees, transit card, share in double/cabin, full board, water, sodas and snacks, welcome and farewell cocktail, all excursions according to program, equipment such as wetsuit, snorkel and mask, kayaks, guides transfer from San Christobal airport. 
Not included in the price: Alcohol, tip on board, purchases on board, taxes at airports in Ecuador. Travel insurance. 

Your trip supports responsible tourism in Ecuador and Galapagos and hopefully inspire others to the same. The charter boat operator is actively working to follow the principles for sustainable tourism through: 

a maximum of ten people per guide in order to decrease negative environmental and wild impact,
employs local guides to survey and follow park regulations
uses water and takes care of garbage in a responsible way. 
they also work to keep the Smart Voyager certification (a certification program of sustainable tourism in South America)
support local conservation programs and employs local people within tourism activities which decreases their dependence on fishing.
they also hand out scholar ships to children in the local community in order for them to learn about sustainable tourism
offer guests opportunities to engage through donations
reduces oil consumption through installation of high efficient filters
 balance the CO2 emissions on all charter boats and sales offices.
The operator also support local community on San Christobal through employment opportunities, purchasing of local products and supporting a local school. 2006 they founded the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund in a joint collaboration with the Word Wildlife Fund (WWWF).

Certifications, announcements and memberships: Smart Voyager Certification 2000 (Rain Forest Alliance)

Good to know about Galapagos:
Travel ethics: Always keep a copy of your pass port. Always ask before you take a photograph of someone. Dress respectfully. Ecuadorians are very family oriented, show a photo of your family and you will soon be involved in a nice conversation. Shake people's hands and bring small bills to use for tips or to buy souvenirs.  
Visa: Please read more about visa requirements here: Visa to Ecuador
Tidszon: GMT -5
Vaccinations: Please read more here on what vaccinations that are recommended for Ecuador.
Packing: Sunglasses, cap/hat, sun block, swimming suit, good walking shoes, shoes to be used when snorkeling/diving. A complete list will be sent to you.
Local currency: USD
Weather: Weather in Galapagos Islands
Mobile and internet: Mobile network works fine, since you will be on a yatch, internet may not work all the time.
Water: Purified water is available for free on the cruise. 
Safety: Your safety is our priority. Crimes are worst in the northern parts of Ecuador due to the proximity to Columbia.
Insurance: We strongly advice you to sign a good travel insurance that would cover any eventual misfortunes.

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