Costa Rican Rainforest adventure

Your adventure begins with rafting down the Pacuare River through breathtaking canyons and lush vegetation on the Pacuare Lodge. This is a protected area of incomparable beauty that covers approximately 25,000 hectares and extends from the town of Siquirres to Talamanca Mountain Range. This is the perfect way to explore one of Costa Rica's stunning rainforests. Here you can enjoy a variety of excursions and breathtaking scenery.

Sample Itinerary

Eco Rating: 3.5
Season: All year round
Airport: San Jose International Airport.
Duration: 9 nights
The package includes: daily breakfast, in double room, full board on Pacurare the lodge and the Evergreen Lodge, all domestic transportation, English speaking guides, all activities as per program, taxes.
The package does not include: Meals other than those specas in the program, tours beyond those included in the program, taxes at airports (29 USD). 


Pacuare Lodge's work with sustainable tourism:

• Pacuare Lodge was built with a minimal impact on the surrounding forest and river. No trees were cut down to accommodate bungalows and lodges, but are built of lumber from a reforestation project run by small farmers. The roofs were made by the local Cabécar Indians in their traditional style with palm leaves collected in the forest reserves.

• Over the years, the lodge bought 340 hectares (840 acres) rainforest along the Pacuare River for conservation and to offset the CO2 -emissions from the lodge's vehicles, making the tours carbon neutral. Parts of the forest were in danger of being cut down before buying it, but is now strictly protected in order to preserve the flora and fauna that live here. The objective is to preserve this pristine virgin rainforest, no visitors are allowed into this area.

• The Lodge's bathrooms are equipped with biodegradable soap and shampoo and the water for the showers is solar heated. The lodge's wastewater runs into a unique drainage system to prevent contamination of the nearby river.

• The bungalows are illuminated with lanterns and candles and the small amount of electricity used at the lodge is clean energy generated by a turbine in a nearby creek.

• The lodge uses organic products as much as possible for preparation of meals served at the lodge and rafting tours.

• With the help of guests, replanting previous pastures in the Pacuare River with native tree species, helps to offset the carbon emissions from the vehicles and to improve the area's environmental health. As these trees grow, absorbing lots of atmospheric carbon, the habitat of the wildlife is improved.

• The lodge helps biologists in their study of jaguars in the forests along the Pacuare River by giving them (biologists), food, lodging and logistical support, and the purchase of digital cameras that scientists use to track and photograph these elusive animals.

• It reintroduces howler monkeys to forest reserve, these were wiped out by resident hunters, many years ago. They rescued the first group of eight monkeys reintroduced from an island in a nearby river where they'd been stranded after a flood.

• The lodge has a rigorous recycling program that extends from the head office to the lodge. At the lodge, they compost organic waste and separates recyclable materials for shipment to recycling companies. At the lunches served during the Pacuare River tour, only recyclable plates, cups and cutlery are used rather than disposable ones.

• They have installed a bio-digester to produce gas from organic waste from the Pacuare Lodge kitchen. Gas produced is used for cooking and heating water in the bungalows.

• When washing, graywater is saved and one uses only biodegradable detergents.

• Pacuare Lodge is working on getting the Costa Rican government to noninamte the Pacuare River with a Blue Flag in recognition for clean environment and one is in the process of obtaining  a CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism).

Sustainable tourism should improve the lives of local people, and Pacuare Lodge has donated and launched projects in the communities closest to the Pacuare Lodge. The infrastructure in this remote area is poorly maintained, and there are few jobs, which is why they are careful to employ locals. Here's what they've done so far:

• All Pacuare Lodge staff from nearby communities and 95% of the lodge rafting guides are from Turrialba, the nearest town to the lodge.

• They donates school supplies and other materials to three elementary schools in the communities closest to the lodge and accepting donations from our guests, handing it over to the schools in their entirety (no administrative fees deducted).

• The lodge helps an isolated Cabécar Indian community near the lodge to install a drinking water systems.

• Lunches during the Pacuare River tours are purchased from a Cabécar family.

• They provides environmental education and explain the sustainable practices for locals, staff and guests.

• They are purchasing food and other goods from local suppliers and supports organic farming.

The lodge conducts a variety of programs in conservation, community, tree planting and cultural programs.

Evergreen Lodge:

Evergreen Lodge has a commitment regarding the environment and sustainable development, because of this, it has worked hard to get a sustainability certification by implementing various schemes and programs such as energy and water conservation, recycling programs and educational programs on topics such as sustainability, and others. The goal is to use and process the resources it has appropriately, and to contribute to the environment and society.

Evergreen Lodge is committed to protecting children and adolescents for commercial sexual exploitation and will report and condemns those who use the touristic activities to promote this type of practice.

Evergreen Lodge is certified Rainforest Alliance.

Good to know about Costa Rica:
Travel ethics: No specific
Visa: Visa to Costa Rica
Vaccinations: Vaccinations for Costa Rica
Packing: Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes, swimming suit.
Local Currency: Costa Rican colon, but USD is always good to bring.
Weather: Weather Costa Rica
Telephone and email: Mobile network works ok, depending on the area. Access to email and internet at the hotel/lodges.
Water: Buy bottled water and make sure the bottle ends up in the recycling bin. Water on tap is of varying quality.
Safety: Your safety is our priority. Costa Rica is generally a safe country to travel in, but look out for pickpockets and strong underwater currents.
Travel tips: Travel tips Costa Rica

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