Miavana, Private Island, Madagascar

In the Malagasy language, Miavana means "to bring together". Through their knowledge the people of Miavana connect guest with the wild beauty of Madagascar. Nosy Ankao is set within the Loky Manambato Protected Area, a marine park of pristine coral reefs, which means that guests can go snorkeling, diving, and even whale-watching just off-shore. On land, you can spot lemurs, cameleons and turtles nest on the beach. 

Sample Itinerary

Ecorating: 3,5
Season: All year round.
Airport: Avato International airport (Anatanarivo)
Included in the price: full board.

Nosy Ankao is part of approximately 15,000 hectares of protected marine space, which along with the adjacent mainland, makes up the Loky Manambato Protected Area. Our journey to Nosy Ankao began with entrepreneur and treasure hunter, Jean Christophe Peyre, who has been an adventurer in Madagascar for over 25 years.

Jean Christophe shares our passion for protecting special wild places and harmoniously developing ways for local communities to sustain themselves without overexploiting the area's natural resources. Before a pole was put in the ground we were supporting local conservation efforts to reduce net fishing and monitor wildlife movements around and on the island, including the four species of turtle that nest here all year round. 

Miavana took almost 4 years to build with up to 500 local workers forming the construction team. Designed by award-winning architects, and part of our extended safari family, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, our lodge seamlessly fits the environment and offers guests the chance to create amazing memories in the heart of an Indian Ocean paradise. The villas are strung out along the western side of the island, each offering uninterrupted beach and ocean front views.

Find out more about Madagascar: The evolution of Madagascar has been more or less isolated on this remote island, located 400 kilometers from the east coast of Africa, which means that much of the domestic wildlife is not found anywhere else on earth. Madagascar's menagery of strange and wonderful creatures includes the world's largest and smallest chameleon and over 70 species of lemurs - the long-lasting primates endemic to the island. The Madagascan landscape is no less convincing with a terrain that extends from lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches to the knife-edged karst tsingys of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Madagascar is a unique paradise where visitors are offered an insight into a fantastic and different world. The island life is lived under a strict set of taboos and traditional beliefs. The island's musical traditions were also developed independently: each region has its local types of music. Two hundred years of French colonization has laid a thin (but fervent) layer of Christianity and basic cooking but has never threatened local cultures and beliefs.

Travel ethics: Madagascar is a land of «moramora,» where time takes on a slower meaning. Impatience and a rushed attitude will get you nowhere, and will in fact be counter-productive.
• Keep your dress in line with local tradition. Wearing clothes that are too skimpy, tight, ostentatious, or sloppy will offend some people. The same goes for body contact
– for example, patting children on the head, pointing, and hugging in public.
• A good photographer respects his or her subject. Take the time to establish a rapport with the people you wish to photograph. Ask their permission (ask the parents of children), and if they refuse, be gracious and accept their wishes.

Mobile networks and email: Email and Internet access is provided. The mobile network works ok.
Visa: Visa to Madagascar is available on arrival at Ivato Interantional Airport and costs EURO 35. This visa is valid for 30 days. Please double-check with Madagascar's Embassy in Sweden: http://www.madagaskarsgeneralkonsulat.se/

Passport must be valid 6 months after departure. In cases where visas are required for Scandinavian citizens, this is shown by information sent to the traveler after booking. The traveler is responsible for the visa application.

Time zone: GMT - 6
Vaccinations:  Learn what vaccinations you need

Packing: Swimming attire, Hat, Shorts, T-shirts, Light pair of trousers, Light jumper (if you come in the cooler season), Sandals/flip flops, Prescription drugs
Toiletries bag, At least two good books, Spare glasses/sunglasses/contact lenses, Sunscreen protection, After sun if you forget the sunscreen!

Please note that your weight allowance on the light aircraft is 15kg and soft bags must be used!
Local Currency: Malagasy Ariary
Weather: Weather Madagascar
Water: Clean water available at the lodge.
Safety: Your safety is our priority. 
For more information on travel advice: Travel tips Madagascar

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