Magical Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very small country with coasts on two oceans, coral-fringed beaches, active volcanoes and an immense biodiversity. The entire twenty-seven percent of the country is made up of national parks and reserves, the highest percentage in the world. On this trip you hike through the rainforest teeming with life, stop to take a swim in one emerald green lagoon...

Sample Itinerary

Hotel standard: 4.5 -5
Season: All year
Airport: San José international airport 
Duration: 14 nights
Included in the price:  full board, sharing in double, all domestic transports and activities according to program.
Not included in the price: International flights, activities outside program, tips, travel insurance, taxes.

Finca Rosa Blanca has since they opened in 1985 had a policy to leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment and surroundings and is the first certified sustainable hotel in Costa Rica! The hotel and the organic coffee plantation is managed by:

Solar water heating, organic certified coffee that uses the waste from coffee to fertilize, copper and silver ionization is used to clean the pool. The hotel has eco toilets, they are composting, recycling and separating waste. They grow their own organic vegetables for use in the restaurant. All employees of the hotel are local residents. It educates and donate to schools and nearby villages.

Lapa Rios

The hotel takes ecotourism very seriously. The hotel has managed to preserve a 40,000 m2 large rainforest area and have created a protected haven for endangered animals and plants. The hotel only has 16 bungalows not to affect the surrounding flora and fauna. It places great emphasis on the training of local residents and employees. All fifty employees at Lapa Rios are locals. The hotel was built with sustainable materials and methods, and no live trees were taken down for construction of the hotel. It uses solar panels for water heating and electricity.

Projects they conduct:

They have built a school for the locals, clean beaches continuously, they have planted 25,000 native ' suitapalms " to eventually be able to replace the roofs of bungalows, they educate visitors and invites researchers, allowing no motorised vehicles on the beach or within the reserve.

Kurà design hotel

Water Management: 

Ultraviolet PURA water filters purify the water for all taps of the hotel
Reutilization of threated wastewater drip irrigation system for property gardens
Rainwater collection system
Salt water system pool
Nontoxic biodegradable cleaning products by Blue Tech
Hight efficiency / dual flush toilets for reducing water use

Waste Management:

Wastewater treatment plant by Bionest
Recycling and waste management system
Compost system to recycle organic waste
Bamboo straws to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste


Planting of native species throughout the property
Support of non-profit organizations on research and conservation of endangered species of the country
Sustainable Development

Hiring local staff:
Supporting national artists
Purchasing local foods and products

Arenas Del Mar

The hotel is set in eleven acres of nature; a property with private nature trails filled with wildlife and access to two beautiful beaches. Surrounded by so much natural beauty, they are committed to being sustainable. Arenas Del Mar seeks to demonstrate that a world class resort can successfully combine the highest levels of sustainability, rigorous standards in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. They are completely carbon neutral. Learn more about our other programs below and be sure to take our complimentary Easy Being Green Tour when you visit. Arenas del Mar is a member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges. Learn more about sustainable practices and policies of this group of hotels.

Good to know about Costa Rica:
Travel ethics: No specific
Visa: Visa to Costa Rica
Vaccinations: Vaccinations for Costa Rica
Packing: Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes, swimming suit.
Local Currency: Costa Rican colon, but USD is always good to bring.
Weather: Weather Costa Rica
Telephone and email: Mobile network works ok, depending on the area. Access to email and internet at the hotel/lodges.
Water: Buy bottled water and make sure the bottle ends up in the recycling bin. Water on tap is of varying quality.
Safety: Your safety is our priority. Costa Rica is generally a safe country to travel in, but look out for pickpockets and strong underwater currents.
Travel tips: Travel tips Costa Rica

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