Kaya Mawa, Malawi

Livingstone was inspired by this seemingly, celestial site to name Lake Malawi, 'lake of stars'. It is still a bewitching place with a timeless rythm, a life giving force of nature in one of the most beautiful and remote expanses of African wilderness. 

Sample Itinerary

Ecorating: 4,5
Season: All year round.
Airport: Lilongwe airport (LLW) Malawi then light aircraft to Likoma island.
Included in the price: full board.

Find out more about Likoma island: Likoma Island is the larger of two inhabited islands in Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa), in East Africa, the smaller being the nearby Chizumulu. Likoma and Chizumulu both belong to Malawi, and together they make up the Likoma District. Although both islands lie just a few kilometres from Mozambique, and are entirely surrounded by Mozambican territorial waters, they are both exclaves of Malawi.

Travel ethics: Malawi is, in large part, a place of peace and quiet, without the traffic jams and hassles of city life.  Malawi locals exude friendliness. It's common for strangers to wave and greet visitors as if they know them. And it's easy to make them smile with a "moni", which means hello in Chichewa, the local language, and "Zikomo" (thank you). Although overt friendliness often arouses suspicion in the world traveler, especially when someone's trying to sell you tchotckes, there's hardly any hawking or selling of tacky souvenirs in Malawi -- the people are genuinely friendly.

Mobile networks and email: Email and Internet access is provided. The mobile network works well.
Visa: You can either obtain a visa before departure or buy one when you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. A visa costs U.S. $ 50 per person, so a good tip is to bring in cash.

Read more about visas here: Visa to Malawi
Time zone: GMT + 2
Vaccinations:  Learn what vaccinations you need. Malaria – we recommend that visitors to Malawi take malaria prophylactics.
* Bilharzia can be found in certain areas of Lake Malawi. We are tested here at Kaya Mawa, all tests have come back clear. 
* Tetanus, polio, typhoid and the hepatitis vaccinations are recommended.Yellow fever immunization is required only by visitors entering Malawi from a yellow fever zone.
Packing: Swimming attire, Hat, Shorts, T-shirts, Light pair of trousers, Light jumper (if you come in the cooler season), Sandals/flip flops, Prescription drugs
Toiletries bag, At least two good books, Spare glasses/sunglasses/contact lenses, Sunscreen protection, After sun if you forget the sunscreen!

Please note that your weight allowance on the light aircraft is 15kg and soft bags must be used!
Local Currency: Malawian Kwacha
Weather: Weather Malawi
Water: Clean water available at the lodge.
Safety: Your safety is our priority. Malawi is considered a low crime destination.
For more information on travel advice: Travel tips Malawi

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