Privacy policy handling personal data Ecospheres AB with the site Ecolyx is committed to protecting your privacy and handles your personal data in a secure manner and in accordance with Eu law on privacy legislation known as GDPR.This law is there to protect you as an individual.Personal data responsibility Ecospheres AB is a data controller for processing of personal data in personal information that is collected by Ecospheres AB is: contact information you can contact us at or call us on 031 181396.Ecospheres ABs collection of personal data personal data is information that directly or indirectly can be attributed to a natural person.This applies, for example, name, social security number, address, email address and telephone number.This type of collection is done after your approval. Requests are considered as an indirect endorsement.Information collected in connection with the booking and travel when you send a booking request or book a trip with, we collect personal information from you in order to complete your order.It's name, birth date, budget, age and gender of all passengers on the booking and the address and contact details to huvudresenären.When booking we also collect payment information for huvudresenären.If the reservation includes children, we collect the same information as above on the child.When you make a trip with us, we also collect information about your trip.This is in addition to the above listed tasks such as booking number, destination, length of travel, flights, activities and services that you selected to make the trip.Data collected by personal contact, we collect personal information from you when you contact us via our website, via email, telephone or other means.Primarily, we collect the personal information necessary to be able to answer your question or handle your case.There is information on the name and contact information such as:e-mail address or phone number. At personal touch we also collect other personal information that you choose to provide to us.This can e.g. be information about allergies, health status, requests or other information about you or other people on your trip or reservation.

Information collected when you subscribe to our newsletter If you choose to subscribe to the Ecolyx newsletter, we collect your name and email address to send the newsletter.We also have gathered data about how you interacted with the newsletter, for example.Click on promotions or links, if you choose to go on to our site, or contact us.Information collected when you visit When you visit our site gathers no personal information, such as for example.your IP number, email or name. Nor is any information that is personally identifiable.Only how to navigate in the service, which searches you do and which travel products you are interested in. Data collected from someone other than yourself when booking and upon contact with us in various cases are there that a person leaving personal data on one or more other persons in a travel companion.We assume that the data are all the passengers ' consent to disclose this personal information.If you have not made a reservation without someone else made a reservation which you included, we collect personal information about you from that person.The same applies if someone else has been in contact with us on your behalf.Handling and storage of personal data Ecospheres treats your personal information.We treat your data for the performance of a contract to which you are party, such as travel conditions.Administration of your trip in order to deliver the travel services you have ordered from us, we use your personal information to the tex showcase tickets and travel documents, for making hotel reservations and make the payment of the services you have ordered.Administration of your trip also includes the use of your information to accounting, settlement and audit, credit or other payment card verification.Mailing of information once you have booked a trip with us, we use your personal information to send you confirmation email, important information about your upcoming trip and promotions linked to the trip.Such mailings are made to the e-mail address provided when booking.When you return home from your trip, we'll send our an inquiry form where we ask you to answer questions about your trip to help us improve our services.

Before and during your trip we will send important information via SMS to the mobile phone number or the email address specified when booking.We do this to make sure that everything is right to inform about any delays or other things that may be important for your trip.Service we will use your personal information to provide you service if you contact us with questions, comments or for example.complaints. We use your name to identify you and your journey.We use your contact information, email address and telephone number to contact you in connection with issues and cases.We may also use any of the other personal information we have collected about you to handle your question or your case depending on what is relevant in a particular case.Marketing and personalization if you have signed up for our newsletter, we use your personal data in order to send the newsletter to you.In some cases, we share information with our business partners in order to help us to customize our offerings and marketing for you.We are part of contracts in order to ensure that such partners processes data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation.For the analysis of usage patterns and impersonation, we use cookies.You can read our cookie policy here. Development of services and service we use the information we collect about our customers in order to develop and improve our products and services.It applies both to our site, where we analyze user behavior to develop how we present information, deals and design features.This also applies to the development of our products according to customers ' requests and behavior and to eg.address deficiencies or improve security. Essentially, we use anonymous or anonymized data on an aggregate level to do this type of analysis.However, it may occur that we also use the personal information we have collected if relevant.Legal treatment of your personal data may finally come to pass in order to meet obligations under laws and regulations, for example, regarding security and accounting.Data retention Ecospheres saves your personal information as long as it is required for the purpose of the processing.

We store all the personal information we collect in our customer database.Normally, we store your personal data in 2 years from your latest trip or you had contact with us.In some cases, we may need to store data for longer periods of time when required by law (for example, accounting law) or for reclamation.If you subscribe to our newsletter, your contact details for as long as you elect to continue receiving the newsletter.The same personal information can be stored in several different places for different purposes.This may mean that a task has been removed from the system so that it is no longer necessary may remain in a different system where it is stored with the support of the consent or for another purpose where personal task is still needed.Disclosure of personal data Google we use Google's system services for our internal work.This means that your personal data will be processed by google, which has hired by us as the processor.The contractual partners and IT vendors we use a number of different IT services and IT systems in our business.In some of these personal data are stored and handled. We care about your privacy and the security of your information by any such management.Some systems are installed locally with us and it is only our staff who have access to the data.Some systems, however, are installed at the supplier and means that we transfer personal data to the provider.In these cases the supplier is our processor and manages the data on our behalf and under our instructions.Internal IT systems Internally, we handle personal information in our customer database, in our reservation system.These systems are to to be able to deliver the services you have ordered from us and to be able to manage issues and customer service in connection with the performance of these services.In these systems, all the personal data we collect may be handled.Web Analytics firms we use external providers for impersonation and analysis of user behavior on our websites and user feedback.These companies handle personal data processor on our behalf.The information is, above all, information is collected through cookies and managed on an anonymous and aggregated level.

Payment solutions we use outside vendors to handle payments.These providers has access to personal data in the form of names, addresses, and payment information.This management is necessary for us to be able to deliver the services you have ordered from us.Contact services, we use third party suppliers to provide information via SMS before and during a journey.These providers has access to personal data in the form of phone numbers.We use an external vendor to provide chat feature on our site.The supplier will have access to the information disclosed in chat.You authorize Provider's privacy policy in connection with that you start the chat feature.Providers of travel-related services to provide some of the services you have ordered from us, we use suppliers and contractual partners.Often it is necessary to provide personal information to them in order for the service to be performed.Hotels we work with different hotel partners worldwide, these hotels will have access to the personal information needed for a reservation to be made.That is, where appropriate, information on the name, date of birth, age, and gender of all passengers on the booking, and contact information to huvudresenären.Airlines we work with an airline partner XLNT Travel but sometimes also directly with the airlines.XLNT Travel and the airlines has access to personal data on those travellers who will be travelling with the respective airline.There is information on the name, date of birth, age, and gender of all passengers on the booking, and contact information to huvudresenären.This happens only after personal consent. That's when XLNT Travel or airline is responsible for your personal information is handled.Activities That are common to book other services through us, for, transfers or activities, and it may be that the personal information needed to deliver the ordered services and that these will be handed over to the person who will perform the service.It can for example be name, date of birth, age, and gender of all passengers on the booking, and contact information to huvudresenären.

Extradition to a third country Because we arrange trips to the world is part of our business partners (e.g.,Hotels and airlines) outside the EU/EEA area. This means that personal data may be transferred to cooperation partners in these countries for the same purposes as described above.Regardless of which country it comes has Ecospheres AB an obligation to ensure that your personal information is protected.Your rights Necessary for handling personal data and management with the support of the consent the personal data treatment that is necessary for us to be able to perform a contract with you or to fulfill a legal obligation is permitted without consent.In order for us to collect and handle your personal information for any other purpose requires, however, that you agree to treatment.You provide consent to the handling of your personal information in connection with your use of our services at, when in contact with our travel consultants.Revoke consent at any time, you can choose to withdraw your consent by contacting us at the contact information above.If you withdraw your consent, we will delete the personal information and cease the treatment covered by the consent.It may be that the same personal data are processed both by virtue of the consent and with the support of that task is required or supported by other rules.This means that even if you revoke your consent and treatment based on consent ceases, the person the task still remain with us for other purposes.The right to receive information about the personal data we have stored about you if you would like information on what information we have recorded about you can contact us at the above address.