Ecospheres work with an internal rating system called Eco rating, based on the principles for sustainable tourism from The International Ecotourism Society (TIES). All our destinations are hand picked, visited and rated according to this system.  

Ecospheres is also helping small, boutique hotels and lodges that may not have means themselves, to get certified. 

Ecospheres rating (1-5) is based on the following parameters:  

Service: Excellent food and drink service, comfortable and highest accommodation standards, professional and english speaking guiders, personal but discreet service. 

Safety: Low risk of crime, terror, extrem weather, illnesses. The destination must apply to laws and regulations of the country.

Actitivites & Atmosphere: Educating and engageing guest activities, culturally sensitive, respectful operations, local employees, meeting point for both guest and locals. 

Facilities: Luxury, sustainable design, natural and noise free environment, indigenous trees, flowers and plants, close to nature. 

Sustainability: Sustainable operations, where the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is applied. Use of best possible energy technology and environmentally friendly methods including solar panels, wind turbines, waste disposal and water saving programs.  

Development: Actively support the local community and initiative to protect nature, culture and environment.